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Avodart for prostate treatment

Published on August 17, 2018 under Event Organizing

Avodart generic avodart prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in the body.

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Information about Avodart.

Postat gowth is causd by a homon in th blood calld dihydotstoston (DHT). AVODAT lows DHT poduction in th body, lading tshinkag th nlagd postat in most mn. Whil som mn hav w poblms and symptoms at 3 months tatmnt with AVODAT, a tatmnt piod at last 6 months is usually ncssay ts i AVODAT will wok you.

Symptoms w quantiid using th ist 7 qustions th Intnational Postat Symptom Sc(IPSS) (idntical tth AUA-SI). Th baslin scwas appoximatly 16.4 units ach tatmnt goup. Combination thapy was statistically supitach th monothapy tatmnts in dcasing symptom scat Month 24, th pimay tim point this ndpoint. At Month 24 th man changs om baslin (±SD) in IPSS total symptom scos w -6.2 (±7.14) combination, -4.9 (±6.81) AVODAT, and -4.3 (±7.01) tamsulosin, with a man dinc btwn combination and AVODAT -1.3 units (P.

Th managmnt aly postat canc may involv sugy, adiation thapy, activ suvillanc (clos obsvation but ntatmnt until th canc shows signs wosning). Bcaus not all postat cancs a li-thatning, activ suvillanc allows som mn tavoid (at last dlay) th sid cts that accompany sugy and adiation thapy.

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