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Published on November 21, 2018 under Event Organizing

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-Saraca indica. are activitate estrogen-like prin continutul de fitoestrogeni.contribuind la vindecarea endometrului inflamat. Actioneaza ca astringent si hemostatic uterin.fiind utila in menoragie si metroragie. Contine saracin.ketosterol (fitoestrogen).aminoacizi.calciu si fier organic. -Symplocos racemosa are efect antispastic uterin si analgezic .fiind util in dismenoree. Prin regularizarea hormonilor ovarieni.are rol in imbunatatirea fertilitatii. -Asparagus racemosus este o sursa naturala de fitoestrogeni (isoflavone ). Prin normalizarea nivelului hormonal imbunatateste fertilitatea si combate tulburarile menstruale. Contine saponine cu efect antioxitocic.mentinand motilitatea normala a uterului. – Tinospora cordifolia actioneaza ca imunomodulator order evecare syrup antioxidant puternic. Combate stresul oxidativ si impiedica aparitia mediatorilor chimici ai inflamatiei si dismenoreea. Are si rol adaptogenic.ajutand organismul sa se adapteze in conditii de stres si fiind de ajutor in caz de sindrom premenstrual.dismenoree.menoragie si infertilitate. – Cyperus rotundus are actiune antiinflamatoare si combate anemia din cadrul tulburarilor menstruale. – Aloe vera imbunatateste fertilitatea prin normalizarea nivelului hormonal.are actiune antibacteriana si antiinflamatoare. – Bombax malabaricum actioneaza ca antiinflamator si analgezic. – Boerhaavia diffusa are actiune antiinflamatoare asemanatoare ibuprofenului. Are rol in stoparea sangerarile uterine disfunctionale si combate anemia prin efect hematinic. – Kasisa godanti bhasma si yashada bhasma contin calciu.fier si zinc.actionand ca tonic.hematinic .astringent si stimulant al vindecarii endometrului.

We will provide you with information to help you make informed choices.such as physicians’ and health care professionals’ credentials. This not an endorsement of a particular physician or health care professional’s suitability for your needs.

Overall.Evecare improves the emotional disposition of women as well as their sense of well-being during menstruation. The proprietary formula is composed of a number of herbs used in Ayurvedic or ancient Indian medicine to treat menstrual discomforts and premenstrual syndrome or PMS. The Ayurvedic tonics are mixed with ingredients like ashoka tree which in turn boost estrogen levels.stabilize the endometrium as layers shed off during menstruation and support the female reproductive system for optimum function. Evecare generally comes in capsule form and should be taken by mouth.

Order evecare syrup menstrual cycle. Evecare repairs the endometrium (inner membrane of the uterus).regularizes endogenous hormonal secretion.corrects the cyclical rhythm and relieves the symptoms of dysfunctional uterine bleeding. It is also a hemostatic that stops heavy bleeding.

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